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Corporate Security Consultant

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Pastore divides his time between research projects and operating Private Merchant Police Services, a Corporate Security Consulting firm. The firm offers the latest in 21st century electronic solutions.   

All-In-One platform that offers Burglar and Fire Alarm, Access Control, Home Automation, controlled thru your cell phone. 

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Jesse James Forensic Analysis


This 128 page report is based on solid evidence and leaves no doubt about the truth.

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Jesse James’ Secret takes the reader on a 10 year journey to unlock an intriguing mystery that spans two centuries. The enigmatic life of America’s most prolific and dynamic outlaw is finally revealed for the first time. Changing history is never easy and this study is no exception. We learn of a shadowy secret society that orchestrated the Civil War and divided our Nation. Off shoots of the group still exist today in modern culture. Perhaps that is why it has taken so long to rewrite this chapter of history.






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Upon graduating from Newman University in 1994, Pastore began exploring archaeological sites and caves throughout the USA. Jesse James had an intimate familiarity with the remote sites during the Civil War and his outlaw years. His familiar JJ along with many strange symbols are found on the cave walls. In time the glyphs would reveal a system of code that gave clues to buried treasures.

Many important discoveries have come out of the historical research. Namely, that Jesse James faked his death in 1882 to elude the authorities and lived to 88 years of age in SE Kansas. These facts are well documented now in the History Channel’s two hour program, Jesse James Hidden Treasure, featuring Ron and his research.